Black Widow Trailer Possibly Revealed Taskmaster's Shocking Identity

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January 19, 2020  02:33 PM


If you've seen the latest trailer for Black Widow, you've probably heard Natasha Romanoff wondering who Taskmaster is. But is it possible that the mysterious character might actually be someone that Nat already knows too well? There are speculations that Taskmaster's identity was revealed in the teaser.

In the new trailer, Nat takes on Taskmaster and the two somehow end up falling down at the same time. Interestingly, they also use the same move to get up so the shot makes it look like they are mirroring each other's movements. At this time, Nat can be heard asking, "Who is that guy?"

So who exactly is the Taskmaster and why does he have the same moves as Nat? A theory from Screenrant suggests that there's one character who is known for the stance and it is none other than Clint Barton. 

This is an interesting theory considering that Nat and Clint were somehow on opposite sides in Captain America: Civil War. On the other hand, Nat was also the one who allowed Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to escape so she had switched sides. In addition to that, it's highly unlikely that Clint would try to do anything to harm Nat. With that in mind, it's best to take this theory with a grain of salt.

The film will bring back Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and introduce Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova. David Harbour will play Alexei Shostakov while Rachel Weisz has been cast as Melina Voskotoff.

Black Widow will premiere on May 1.

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