Black Widow Reveals Official First Look At Taskmaster Fighting Natasha Romanoff

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July 21, 2019  04:13 PM


People have been wondering if Taskmaster will be the major villain in Black Widow. Although there have been rumors and set sightings, there hasn't been anything official to confirm that Anthony Masters will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick. Luckily, we now have our first official look at Taskmaster in action.

The image was shared by Marvel Studios' Director of Visual Development Andy Park following the Black Widow footage reveal at Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. Take a look at Park's tweet below.

"Check out this 1st reveal of the keyframe illustration I did for the Black Widow film... & TASKMASTER!!!" Park wrote, tagging Marvel Studios in the post. He also added the hashtags #blackwidow, #taskmaster, and #scarlettjohansson.

That is definitely looking good and it should be enough to get people all hyped up for Black Widow. The illustration seems to depict the epic fight between Natasha Romanoff and Taskmaster that was glimpsed briefly in the film's footage that was screened at the Marvel Studios SDCC panel.

Interestingly, the Black Widow footage hinted at Taskmaster's connection to Nat. The fight between the two did more than just showcase their skills; it also looked like their moves actually mirrored each other. Could this confirm that Taskmaster taught Nat everything that she knows?

Needless to say, we can't wait to see more of Taskmaster as well as the other characters like Yelena Bolova in Black Widow.

Black Widow is scheduled for release on May 1, 2020.

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