Black Cat Movie Reportedly Still Being Planned By Sony

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June 22, 2019  02:51 PM


It's been a long time since we got any updates about the planned Black Cat film but it looks like the Sony project is still moving forward. Sony producer Amy Pascal has just confirmed that the studio has every intention to pursue Felicia Hardy's solo movie.

Pascal recently spoke to Screen Rant where she admitted that she is hoping Black Cat will be one of the Spider-Man villains who will finally show up on the big screen.

"That’s a good question. I like Black Cat a lot, I think she is a really great character. We had her a little bit in the Amazing [Spider-Man] movie, but she’s kind of that character that we didn’t really turn into the Black Cat yet. I think that’s a really great character," Pascal said.

Interestingly, Pascal also shared that Sony still aims to pursue the Black Cat and Silver Sable films.

"We’re still working on that. I think we have plans for that," she said.

Back in 2017, it was revealed that a Black Cat and Silver Sable movie is being planned. However, Sony decided that each character should get their own films instead. Unfortunately, the studio has yet to re-confirm their plans considering that there are huge projects being tied to Spider-Man and Venom.

We're certainly hoping to get more updates on Black Cat and Silver Sable sometime in the future. Make sure to stay tuned for more Marvel news.

Sony's next big film is Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is scheduled for release on July 2.

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