Avengers: Endgame Leak Teases The Return Of Tony Stark's Old Friend

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February 16, 2019  12:33 PM


There is still a lot we don't know about Avengers: Endgame. Luckily, a new leak may have confirmed that Tony Stark will be reunited with an old friend in the highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe flick.

A leaked photo of new Endgame merchandise was posted on Instagram and it somehow confirms that Iron Man is getting a strange new armor. In addition to that, Tony is getting help from someone who has been missing for some time. Take a look at the picture below.

People might argue that it's just a robot but Dum-E holds a special place in Tony's heart. After all, Dum-E saved Tony's life in the first Iron Man film by handing him his old arc reactor after Obadiah Stane ripped out the one in his chest. In return, Tony salvaged the damaged Dum-E from his ruined mansion in Iron Man 3.

If you're wondering if Tony had time to fix Dum-E, a brief scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming may have confirmed that. The robot was shown helping Happy Hogan gather Tony's things from the Avengers Tower for Moving Day. Interestingly, Happy even told Dum-E to put down a vase because it was worth more than both of them combined.

The return of Dum-E is certainly a welcome thing but the robot isn't the only one from Tony's past that could come back in Endgame. It was previously reported that Ty Simpkins might reprise his role as Harley Keener in the fourth Avengers film. It wouldn't be much of a surprise considering that the survivors need all the help they could get to defeat Thanos.

Although we will be seeing a lot of old characters returning in Endgame, there could be new people joining the team as well. There are speculations that 13 Reasons Why actress Katherine Langford will be playing Tony's daughter in the future. However, this has not yet been confirmed by Marvel Studios so we recommend taking the information with a grain of salt.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26.

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