Ash Ketchum Finally Wins Pokémon League After 20 Years Of Trying

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September 15, 2019  01:54 PM


Never give up on your dreams, kids. After more than two decades of failing, Ash Ketchum has finally won a Pokemon League Championship, and Pikachu was with him every step of the way.

The long-awaited victory happened in the anime Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon where Ash entered the Alola Pokemon League. It was a truly unexpected win considering that Ash himself couldn't believe what happened. Nevertheless, fans all over the world immediately celebrated the beloved protagonist's victory.

Ash has been the protagonist of several Pokemon shows and games but had yet to win a Pokemon League. It's so unexpected that even Ash himself couldn't believe it happened.

Of course, the win came with questions. For one, some wanted to point out that Ash won the Orange Island League.

So does that count? Here's what one fan has to say about that.

As it turns out, Orange Island probably doesn't count since it isn't an official region. In addition to that, the Battle Frontier win was a challenge and not an actual championship. 

Perhaps the best thing about Ash's win is that he immediately celebrated it with his longtime best friend Pikachu. Although his other friends are not with him in the anime, his most loyal companion was still present for the momentous occasion. It's an amazing moment and we're truly proud of this guy. Congratulations, Ash and Pikachu!

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