Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Reboot Introduces New Midnight Society In First Teaser

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August 03, 2019  03:08 PM


Kids who grew up in the 90s were undoubtedly terrified by the series Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Now the Nickelodeon show is set to frighten a new generation as the first teaser for the revival has been dropped.

The teaser opens with a group of children gathered around a fire in the woods. This is the new Midnight Society and one girl has prepared a scary tale. She opens a small locket containing a note as she says, "Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society." The girl reaches into pouch filled with midnight dust and throws it into the fire as she declares, "I call this story, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?"

The scenes showing the children are cut with brief shots at what appears to be the Carnival of Doom. There's also a fleeting glimpse at the carnival's ringmaster known simply as Mr. Tophat. We're not sure what the story will be about but there could be zombies.

The revival will star Sam Ashe Arnold as Gavin, Miya Cech as Akiko, Tamara Smart as Louise, Jeremy Taylor as Graham, and Lyliana Wray as Rachel as the new Midnight Society. Mr. Tophat will be portrayed by Rafael Casal.

The upcoming series isn't the first time that the series was planned for a reboot. There was a planned movie that would be directed by D.J. Caruso and penned by Gary Dauberman. Although the film was supposed to be released in October this year, it has since been removed by Paramount Pictures from its schedule.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? has not yet been given an official release date. However, the limited series is expected to air on Nickelodeon by October.

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