Alex Garland's Scifi Series Devs Moves From FX To Hulu

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November 08, 2019  03:20 PM


It looks like Alex Garland's upcoming sci-fi series has found a new home. It has been revealed that Devs will be moving to Hulu despite being expected to air on FX next year.

The confirmation comes from Twitter, which reveals that Disney has decided that Hulu will be the official streaming service for FX. This means that Devs, which was slated to premiere on the channel sometime in 2020, will end up being streamed on Hulu instead.

Devs is Garland's first project after 2018's Annihilation as well as the first series that he will work on. The show stars Ex Machina's Sonoya Mizuno as Lily, a computer engineer working for Amaya, a quantum computing company run by the mysterious Forest (Nick Offerman). When Lily's boyfriend Sergei (Karl Glusman) goes missing, she suspects that Amaya is responsible for the disappearance.

But why does Lily think the company has anything to do with it? Glusman shared some details about the show at the recent New York Comic Con. According to the actor, Sergei had been secretly contracted by Amaya to work on an artificial intelligence program. We already know how risky it could be to work with AI and can't wait to see how the story develops next year. 

The sci-fi series isn't the only show that will be moving to Hulu. Kate Mara's A Teacher, as well as Mrs. America starring Cate Blanchett, will also launch on the streaming service.

Devs has not yet been given an official premiere date. However, it is expected to premiere on Hulu by spring in 2020.

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