Ahsoka Hilariously Trolled Anakin in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie

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May 23, 2020  04:16 PM


People might be loving how Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker's relationship has developed through the seven seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars but things weren't always so nice for the two. After all, Ahsoka actually trolled Anakin when they first met in the Clone Wars movie.

The Dave Filoni film actually introduced Ahsoka to the Star Wars Universe and it was immediately clear that Yoda knew what he was doing when he assigned the young Padawan to be Anakin's apprentice. And although the two would eventually succeed in their mission, it started out pretty rock especially when they ended up back on Tatooine.

Ahsoka, who was hoping to learn more about her new Master, kept trying to find ways to get Anakin to talk about his past. However, the Jedi Knight was unwilling to share. At one point, Ahsoka had a stroke of creativity by saying, “There is so much more we can talk about out here. Like the sand.”

Oh yes, she said that. Of course, Ahsoka was unaware that Anakin is from Tatooine and that he has famously declared that he hates sand in Attack of the Clones. Still, it was an unintended trolling that should be hilarious for any Star Wars fan. We're still surprised that Anakin didn't reject Ahsoka as his Padawan right away.

Did you pick up on Ahsoka's accidental trolling in the Clone Wars movie? Sound off in the comments below.

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