Zachary Levi Confirms Shazam Reshoots, Tells American Fans to Vote

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November 07, 2018  01:08 PM


Before that five-minute Aquaman trailer blew everyone’s mind, fans thought that it would be Shazam that would set the course for the struggling DCEU. Admittedly, many still think that since the character is considered by many to be classic and was, at one point, more popular than Batman and Superman. However, filmmaking isn’t perfect and Shazam star Zachary Levi has confirmed that “additional photography” is being done for the film.

The former Chuck star confirmed the news on his Instagram, with an odd picture of Shazam’s belt to get people’s attention. Funnily enough, Levi also used the opportunity to tell the youth in America to vote since it can really change what happens in a country. It was a fun way to get people’s attention and some younger DC fans might do just that once they’ve seen this post.

At one point, fans considered reshoots to be the death-knell of superhero movies, especially if they are DC. It hurt Suicide Squad quite a bit and made the Justice League movie feel like an Avengers rip-off but worse. These days, fans aren’t as bothered with reshoots since they are a natural practice in Hollywood; even Marvel movies do them.

Since Shazam is the only DCEU movie coming out in 2019 (Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie looks unrelated to the DCEU), fans are hoping that it matches everyone’s expectations. The first trailer impressed a lot of people and we’re now hoping for a cute superhero experience that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Shazam comes out on April 5, 2019.

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