X-Men Writer Jonathan Hickman on Why He United the Good and Bad Mutants

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October 21, 2019  11:09 AM



Jonathan Hickman has changed everything about the X-Men, thanks to House of X and Powers of X, the latter of which is annoying pronounced Powers of 10. Hickman’s X-Men #1 just came out last week, lovingly illustrated by Leinil Yu, and it continues the writer’s awesome changes to this franchise. That being said, there are some fans who are upset over some of the changes that are made, like most of the X-Men being cool with their villains living with them.

For those unaware, after they eliminated the creators of Mother Mold, Charles Xavier and Magneto invited some of their greatest mutant villains to Krakoa since they feel like this place should be a home for all mutants. Everyone from Apocalypse to Gorgon is now a part of the community in Krakoa, with Wolverine offering his former enemy who made him kill hundreds of SHIELD agents a beer.

Hickman, to his credit, had a pretty sensible answer via his recent Q&A with Adventures in Poor TasteHannibal was the best show on NBC over the last 10 years–always give the scene-eating cannibal a seat at the table. Especially if they can help you by doing things only they can do, even if in doing those things they might try and take a bite out of you. And why wouldn’t they? Mutants are delicious.”

If you didn’t understand Hickman’s message, he basically gave us the “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” argument. Now that the mutants have established a law where their own people aren’t allowed to kill, it’s going to be interesting to see the eventual civil war that Hickman is likely planning.

X-Men #1 is available now. House of X and Powers of X will be collected into a nice hardcover later this year.

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