Vic Mignogna Must Pay $223,042 After Suing Funimation and Several Voice Actors

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
December 03, 2019  10:51 AM

Vic Mignogna’s court woes just keep piling on. The Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor sued Funimation for terminating him and voice actors Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi after they accused Mignogna of sexual harassment, following the number of fans who have done the same after the release of Broly. That turned out to be a mistake as Mignogna lost the case and now has to pay up the ass, with the judge ruling a $223,042.42 fine.


According to Anime News Network, The judge ruled that Mignogna must pay US$223,042.42 in attorneys' fees to the defendants. The judgment also ordered him to pay US$15,000 in sanctions, for a total of US$238,042.42. Additionally, the judgment listed US$287,500 in contingent fees that Mignogna may have to pay if he chooses to appeal.

Considering all of the things Mignogna allegedly did to these women and a number of fans, this is a pretty suitable punishment. The voice actor won’t be working on Dragon Ball or any other big Funimation anime anytime soon, though he does have a legion of fans who believe everything he says. No joke, just write Vic Mignogna on Twitter and prepare to be disgusted with what you see.

Vic is still credited for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which can now be purchased on Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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