Venom Will Be PG-13, Runtime Revealed

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September 14, 2018  08:59 AM



As silly as that “turd in the wind” line was, many had assumed that Venom would be an R-rated film in spite of that dialogue piece. The character likes to talk about eating his foes and even discussed how tasty a person’s organs would be. This is why it's really surprising that Sony has decided to keep the movie PG-13.

Okay, "surprising" is a strong word for this situation. If Sony wanted to make the movie R-rated, they would have announced it ahead of time like Logan and the two Deadpool films. Rumor has it that Sony want their characters to interact with the MCU and there’s a higher chance of that happening if Venom is PG-13.

Spider-Man would be an ideal candidate for crossovers with Venom and the rest of Sony’s Marvel properties since they’re all connected to the webhead in some form. Tom Holland has also expressed interest in teaming with Tom Hardy’s version of the anti-hero so the actors seem to be willing.

The movie itself is an hour and 52 minutes, which is pretty standard for a Hollywood film. While we could see some form of violence in the PG-13 movie, don’t expect to see anyone beheaded like the trailers have teased. It’s still a shame that we won’t be seeing Venom at his most violent but that’s what the comics are for I suppose.

Venom hits theaters on October 5.

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