Upcoming One Punch Man Video Game Has Players Wait for Saitama to Save Them

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
August 21, 2019  05:20 PM

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows seemed like your typical anime-style brawler in the same vein as Jump Force, giving fans a three-on-three fighter where they can play as their favorite characters. However, the most recent trailer revealed in Gamescom showed a very unique mechanic that can only be done in this game; players having to survive against the villains so that Saitama can save them.

Yeah, as the gameplay above shows, Saitama is invincible and kills people with one punch, hence the name. This is faithful to what the show and manga have shown us but it does man that Saitama is a broke character and could make multiplayer matches really unfair. Granted, what we’re seeing could just be in the story mode or some other mode but it looks like Saitama is going to be portrayed in a faithful manner.

The trailer also confirms some new characters: Terrible Tornado, Silver Fang, and Atomic Samurai. These are all fan-favorite characters from the show and it’s good to know that they will be playable, though a cynical fan would claim that their inclusion was pretty obvious.

As someone who doesn’t mind arena fighters like these, the whole Saitama saving everyone gimmick actually looks pretty fun and makes the game more unique when compared to other anime games in the same genre. Hopefully, they add a Saitama who isn’t too overpowered for this game and can be used in multiplayer because why would players choose anyone else?

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows comes out in 2020 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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