Tom King's Batman/Catwoman Maxi-Series Finally Gets a Release Date

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September 11, 2020  11:30 AM



It took a while - as in months and months of waiting - but the first issue of Tom King and Clay Maan’s anticipated Batman/Catwoman maxi-series finally has a release date. The series will act as a more true finale to King’s Batman run, which was cut short after his City of Bane storyline. King and Maan will continue exploring the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in this fascinating series, which won’t just follow the established present timeline of DC continuity but the past and future as well.

DC Comics has confirmed that the Batman/Catwoman #1 release date is Dec. 1. The series was originally announced as a maxi-series that will release every other month but will now have a monthly schedule with one skip month in June 2021 that will have a Batman/Catwoman Special instead. That’s one of the more interesting release strategies and we hope that DC can release them in time; we all remember what happened with Doomsday Clock.



The present of Batman/Catwoman is going to be interesting since it will introduce Andrea Beaumont to DC Comics canon. This character is notable for appearing in the acclaimed Batman: Mask of the Phantasm movie so seeing how she’s handled here is going to be interesting, especially since her Phantasm alias is coming with her.

In the past, we will explore how Batman and Catwoman fell in love. Did they first meet in the streets? A boat? This will surely be a treat to comic book fans who have been following them for years and we cannot wait for it.



How about a depressing future? In this future, Batman and Catwoman got married and were happy for many years. Bruce then passes away and Selina Kyle decides to get revenge on someone now that her husband isn’t around to object. This seems like a follow-up to Tom King and Lee Weeks’ Batman Annual #2 where we witness Bruce’s last days in this timeline so that’s interesting.



After months of waiting, Batman/Catwoman #1 will finally come out this December. Are you excited?

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