The Witcher Showrunner Says They Have Plans That Could Last 20 Seasons

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November 11, 2019  10:23 AM



Netflix’s The Witcher will be coming out next month and fans are curious about its lifespan. These days, your show is only considered a success if it lasts multiple seasons, otherwise it becomes one of those underrated programs that will get an epilogue movie to wrap up a couple of plotlines. While it’s too early to assume that The Witcher will be lasting a long time, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich teased that she might have a 20-year plan for the show.

Could Netflix’s The Witcher last as long as Supernatural? Smallville? Or even, God forbid, E.R.?

Hissrich revealed these details when a fan questioned why a specific storyline wasn’t going to be adapted for the first season. This seems to be Hissrich telling fans not to worry about some stories not getting adapted right away since there could be more seasons with more arcs to tell. Most of us know that the series is going to veer away from the books and video games so this should be something.


There’s a lot of content for The Witcher to go through, whether it’s the various stories from the books or the numerous side quests from CD Projekt Red’s video games. If the writers for this show can play their cards right, we could get one of the best fantasy shows out there. Here is hoping that they do this franchise justice.

Fans will be able to view Netflix’s The Witcher on December 20. 

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