The Underappreciated Final Fantasy VIII Turns 20 Today

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February 11, 2019  11:03 AM


Final Fantasy VIII, a classic JRPG from the PlayStation era, turns 20 today. Feel old yet? That’s right, the eighth installment in the classic franchise that came off the heels of Final Fantasy VII is 20-years old today and fans might want to celebrate that. After all, if they want a remake or re-release of this game, they’ll have to show their support for the once-beloved title.

It used to be cool to like Final Fantasy VIII but the internet has seemingly turned its back on the JRPG people once liked unironically. Now, people seem to like the game ironically due to some of the convolution that surrounds the story, which would later plague other Final Fantasy games. I guess the ’90s were a simpler time.

Also, both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX were given HD re-releases on the PS4, while VIII remains unnoticed. Then again, other classic titles like Final Fantasy Tactics have also not been given the HD treatment, so maybe a future re-release is in order. Who knows?

To those unaware, Final Fantasy VIII came out in 1999 and introduced fans to characters like Squall, Rinoa, Sypher, and so much more. It was an interesting game that introduced a fairly fun turn-based battle system and some neat missions, liking fighting summons to use them in battle.

There are aspects about the game that are dated now and the story might not hold up like it once did, but it’s still pretty popular. Squall has appeared in the Kingdom Hearts games as Leon and is a playable fighter in Dissidia NT, with his girlfriend Rinoa available as DLC.

You can try out Final Fantasy VIII now on Steam and the PSN through PS3, PSP, and PS Vita.

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