The Sims 4 Fans are Not Happy With Star Wars: Journey to Batuu DLC

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August 31, 2020  12:45 PM



When EA polled fans about what they wanted from The Sims 4, many of them talked about how they would like to see features that were in previous games, like hotels, burglars, and a bunch of other weird things. Many were hoping to get that when new DLC was teased for the game but they were immensely disappointed when Star Wars: Journey to Batuu was announced instead of bringing back older features.

First, if you check out the YouTube announcement of The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu, you’ll see that it has 90,000 dislikes and 38,000 likes as of this writing. That is really bad and shows how unnecessary this DLC pack is, though we’re sure some Star Wars fans will get a kick out of it. 



The Inside EA account is also trying to ignore all this fan negativity since by saying “Simmers everywhere are excited for this pack,” which shows just how out of touch they are. This also resulted in a number of fans voicing their complaints about Journey to Batuu being promotional material for Galaxy’s Edge, though some have said that they are a bit excited for the Journey to Batuu DLC. 



More Star Wars gaming content from EA isn’t inherently a bad thing since fans did like Jedi: Fallen Order and are hopeful for Star Wars: Squadrons. However, Star Wars fans are not always The Sims players and it’s clear that they didn’t listen to those who wanted a more complete version of their controversial title. EA could always add the requested features after but when you consider how many years this game has been supported, not listening like this is just poor.

The Sims 4 is available now for a variety of gaming systems while Star Wars: Journey to Batuu will be available on September 8.

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