The Simpsons Correctly Predicted Game of Thrones' Latest Episode Two Years Ago

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
May 15, 2019  11:39 AM


How do The Simpsons keep on doing this? Though most people have acknowledged the fact that this sitcom isn’t as funny as it was once was, we’re all baffled at how it keeps predicting all these pop culture events. Turns out that this show correctly predicted the events that happened during Game of Thrones’ most recent episode The Bells, which is pretty crazy.

Then again, the episode’s defenders said that they saw this coming a long time ago so maybe it was just predictable?

During the 2017 episode The Serfsons, which was clearly a parody of HBO’s acclaimed series, there’s a quick scene where a dragon is destroying a city. While they don’t show the events that lead to this, the fact that this is what Daenerys ended up doing during The Bells took everyone by surprise. Except for the writer of this episode apparently (and some of its annoying defenders.)


Since Disney has the intent to keep this long-running Fox property going, we can probably expect to see a few more future predictions coming. Granted, nothing will be as surprising as Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States of America but what else is? It seems like reality is truly stranger than fiction.

Fans will be able to enjoy The Simpsons on Disney+ when it comes out later this year. Game of Thrones has one episode left and is expected to come out this weekend on HBO.

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