The Rat From Avengers: Endgame Was NOT a Special Effect

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September 13, 2019  11:29 AM


Avengers: Endgame was a CGI-heavy movie and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, at least when it comes to superhero movies. It’s not the “death of cinema” like a lot of pretentious old dudes are claiming but the number of special effects in a movie can be a bit draining, even if that wasn’t the case for Endgame. Most of us have assumed that certain moments in the film are CGI but the movie’s biggest hero was not.

No, we’re not talking about Giant-Man or Ant-Man. Rather, we actually mean the rat that ended up freeing Scott Lang from the Quantum Realm.

Speaking with Wired, Marvel Entertainment’s visual effects producer Jen Underdahl revealed that it was a trained rat used for the scene that brought Scott Lang to the present. This is really neat information since Marvel could have easily used CGI to make the rat save Scott but a bet was made between visual effects supervisor Dan Deleeuw and an unnamed line producer, with the former saying he could get an actual rat to do it.

Guess who won?

Here’s what Underdahl had to say about an actual rat being used:

“For those of you who are curious, that is not a digital rat. For all the things that we do and for all the things that we replace, that is actually a practical acting rat. I don’t have his name, but he’s really there.”

Not much can be said about this accomplishment, just that animals can be amazing when they really want to. Here’s hoping that the rat is swimming in all the junk food it can eat for the work that was done.

Avengers: Endgame is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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