The Matrix 4 Star Carrie-Anne Moss Calls the Film’s Script ‘A Gift’

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June 08, 2020  01:01 PM



Even though The Matrix trilogy only has one good movie in it, fans are fairly excited to see how The Matrix 4 fairs since it will also bring back original stars such as Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, who played Neo and Trinity respectively. As excited as fans are, a lot of them thought that the fourth film was going to be a straight-up reboot that wouldn’t feature any of the original stars. 

So why did Moss and Reeves return? Apparently, it was because of the “beautiful script,” as Moss put it.



During an interview with Empire Online, Moss called the script an equivalent of a gift since she felt that it had so much depth and substance, along with artistry. That’s a lot of praise and should get fans of The Matrix pumped up, though the film series has always had depth; just not a clear way to present it all.

"When it was brought to me in the way that it was brought to me, with incredible depth and all of the integrity and artistry that you could imagine, I was like, ‘This is a gift.’ It was just very exciting."

Reeves also echoed a similar statement, praising the script for pretty much the same reason Moss did. It’s honestly just good to know that these actors are happy to be working on an old franchise again since most of us are jaded and assumed that they did it for money. Sure, that’s a part of it but hearing this is really nice.

The Matrix 4 is set to come out next year, on May 21, 2021.

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