The Latest Shaggy Meme Turns Him Into an Overpowered Dungeons & Dragons Boss

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
February 05, 2019  10:18 AM

Zoinks Scoob! Looks like the Shaggy meme is exploding more than we thought it would. Fans are still loving how these memes portray the cowardly member of Scooby Doo and make him an absolute badass. Often drawn with the Ultra Instinct aura of Son Goku from Dragon Ball Super, the Shaggy meme has gained so much steam that fans actually want to see him as DLC for Mortal Kombat 11.

Well, in an interesting move, Wyrmwood Gaming has shared another Shaggy meme that has the Ultra Instinct character as a frightening boss for Dungeons and Dragons. The company manufactures quality wooden dice and boxes so a lot of DnD fans are going to notice this, which must be incredibly amusing. It wouldn’t be too surprising if they pay tribute to the character in the near future.

Shaggy is a CR 30 monster, making it equal in power to the Terrasque, the most frightening and powerful monster in D&D's Monster Manual. In addition to a terrifying "Devour" ability that can consume most creatures whole, Shaggy can also summon Scooby Doo as its familiar and instantly banish opponents to another plane of the multiverse, where they lose all memory of their encounter with Shaggy but are compelled to share stories of Shaggy and his crime-fighting companions.

They will probably never make Shaggy canon in DnD but weirder things have happened. Rick and Morty had a crossover with the board game, so pretty much anything can happen.

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