Taika Waititi Knows Baby Yoda's Real Name but He's Not Telling

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January 06, 2020  09:15 AM



Baby Yoda is such a popular commodity these days that people often watch The Mandalorian just to see what this adorable character is up to. Now that the first season of this stellar show has finished airing, fans are wondering about the future of Baby Yoda, whose canon moniker is The Child but no one with a soul will ever use that, and if he will ever get a name.

Well, according to Taika Waititi, who directed an episode of The Mandalorian and will return to Marvel with Thor: Love and Thunder, Baby Yoda already has a name and he actually knows what it is. Unfortunately, he chose not to share that information when he spoke with The New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan. Apparently, he’s waiting for showrunner Jon Favreau to reveal the name and that’s an entirely fair thing to do.

Since Favreau is the showrunner and creator, it would be a huge shame if the real name of Baby Yoda was revealed in an episode he doesn’t direct. Hopefully, Favreau is involved with this series for a long time since we would love to see him more involved with this awesome Disney+ series. Hell, it’s a series so good that fans have unsubscribed from Disney+ since the show is over, for now anyway.

They’re going to have to reveal his name eventually. Revealing the name of his race would also be great since we’re pretty sure that “Yoda” isn’t the name of these aliens. Oh well.

Fans can stream The Mandalorian Season One on the Disney+ streaming service.

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