Superman IV: Quest For Peace Villain is Coming to DC Comics Continuity

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
June 20, 2018  10:22 AM

While fans have fond memories of Superman and its sequel Superman II, barely anyone likes the third movie, while the fourth installment, Superman IV: Quest For Peace, is considered to be the worst of the bunch. This is why it’s surprising to hear that current Superman and Action Comics scribe Brian Michael Bendis is bringing the film’s villain Nuclear Man to the comics.

For those unaware, Quest For Peace had a hackneyed storyline that has Superman getting rid of all the world’s nuclear weapons. This somehow leads to Lex Luthor making Nuclear Man out of Superman’s DNA and something else that feels contrived. Either way, the movie sucks and so does the villain.

On Instagram, Bendis said he was dared by artist Nick Derrington to add Nuclear Man to his run on Superman. This challenge was accepted and Bendis shared some artwork of the character from issue 2 by artist Ivan Reis. Somehow, the artist managed to make the villain look imposing and somewhat credible.


It will be interesting to see if Nuclear Man is presented as a true threat or is treated as a joke. Bendis is sometimes known for his anticlimactic endings on comics, often leading to some very mixed results. What might work on Ultimate Spider-Man may not work for Superman.

Superman #2 comes out this September.

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