Static Shock Co-Creator Thanks Fans for Making Its Racism Episode Viral After Recent Events

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
June 03, 2020  11:28 AM



After many of us thought 2016 was going to be the worst year ever, 2020 rolled in and showed everyone what a true worldwide disaster looks like. America has been embroiled with protests from the Black Lives Matter movement after the needless death of George Floyd, which has led to some riots, looting, and policemen shooting people with rubber bullets and tear gas. If you thought racism was a thing of the past, think again.

This has led to the nerdier of us showing some progressive moments from our childhood, including a brutally honest episode of Static Shock where lead character Virgil finds out that his best friend’s father is racist. At first, he thought his friend’s dad just didn’t like hip-hop but he then overhears some brutal racist remarks when going down the hallway to brush his teeth.


Denys Cowan, one of the co-creators of this show, was happy to see over 50,000 likes for this clip. Cowan calls this one of the few bright spots in this crazy world and we have to agree here. This cartoon is 20-years-old and the fact that people still treat others of different skin color so badly is unacceptable.

Static Shock was one of the many excellent DC animated shows that were ahead of its time. It was and still is, one of the few superhero shows to have a black lead. Things have been getting better, like with The CW’s Black Lightning but some things could still be better.

Fans can check out Static Shock on the DC Universe streaming service. Definitely worth the subscription for this show alone.

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