Star Wars: The Clone Wars Artist Reveals How Darth Vader Was Designed for the Show's Finale

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August 07, 2020  01:28 PM



Star Wars: The Clone Wars had one of the most emotional finales fans of the franchise has witnessed, with Ahsoka and Rex forced to kill a number of their clone comrades with some help from enemy Darth Maul. The Clone Wars finale also had a great ending scene where Darth Vader, fresh off his NOOOOO saying in Revenge of the Sith, picked up Ahsoka’s blue lightsaber and wasn’t sure of her fate. Great stuff.

Kilian Plunkett, the show’s art director, recently revealed how they brought Vader to The Clone Wars. It turns out that they actually got his model from Rebels and fine-tuned it so that Vader would look more in line with everyone else on this show. No one’s going to complain about this, especially since the lightsabers aren’t pasta thin in The Clone Wars.



It’s an interesting process to hear from animators and there’s no doubt that fans appreciated seeing the villain again. While the character has appeared in a ton of comic books, video games, and novels since dying in Return of the Jedi, seeing him here actually felt special. Actually, seeing Vader with a blue lightsaber felt special since it looked like the character was reaching out to his former self to some extent.

Both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels are available now on Blu-Ray and Disney+. 

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