Star Wars Fan Reimagines The Mandalorian Episodes as Classic Marvel Comics

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December 02, 2019  03:22 PM



The Mandalorian continues to be a favorite amongst Star Wars fans and casual viewers who just wanted to see what all this Disney+ hype is all about. It has proven to be an excellent show that manages to get the best elements from the Western and Samurai genre, all wrapped up in a nice sci-fantasy package (because Star Wars isn’t sci-fi folks). 

One fan has decided to pay tribute to The Mandalorian by going back to its Marvel roots and we don’t mean the current comics. This fan has decided to draw each Mandalorian episode thus far in the style of an old-school Star Wars comic book from Marvel. Honestly, this makes me wish for a Mandalorian comic book, which can always happen in the near future.

Fans can check out the art on Reddit by artist DVGLZ. The art is truly stellar and Marvel Comics needs to hire this guy ASAP.

Unfortunately, no art for The Mandalorian Episode 4 has been released as of this writing, though that could change in a matter of days. Still, fans of the old Star Wars comics should appreciate how cool and detailed these art pieces are. Once again, come on Marvel, hire this guy and have him do more of your Star Wars comic book covers.

The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+, with the first four episodes now available for viewing. The Mandalorian Episode 5 debuts this Friday.

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