Star Wars Battlefront II Adjusts Loot Box System After Fan Criticism

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - November 01, 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II was the subject of some controversy when the beta revealed that the multiplayer mode would rely heavily on loot boxes. Fans were upset when they found out that Epic Star Cards (high-value power-ups) and special weapons would be locked behind loot boxes. It seems like EA has paid attention to fan response, as the studio has made a ton of changes to the loot box system.

On the official EA website, it was revealed that the Epic Star Cards have been removed from the loot boxes. Epic Star Cards can only be obtained through the game’s crafting system, with the exception of the game’s pre-order bonuses. Players will also need to rank up before they can start crafting Epic Star Cards, so players won’t be able to just buy loot boxes and dominate.

In addition to this, most of the multiplayer shooter’s weapons can only be earned through playing the game. While a few weapons will be in loot boxes, most of them will have to be earned by playing the game as specific character classes and reaching special milestones. Gear for specific character classes can also be unlocked by playing as a specific class, so that’s great news.

Now that these massive changes have been made, EA is hoping to win the trust of fans back. Many gamers balked at the previous over-reliance on loot boxes, so seeing the studio react to feedback in a good way is nice to see.

Star Wars Battlefront II comes out this month, on November 17.

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