Spider-Man PS4 Release Date Possibly Leaked

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - January 29, 2018

The upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game has fans and gamers interested, thanks to the reputation that Insomniac Games has gained with the various titles they have worked on. While there are a few things known about the project, one thing fans really want to know is the game’s release date. Fans know that the game is coming this year but no exact date has been given as of this writing.

However, a European game retailer may have revealed the release date for the title.

According to Cool Shop, the highly anticipated Spider-Man PS4 game could be coming out on September 28. If true, this wouldn’t be a bad date to release the game in, considering the number of high-profile game releases this month. Fans should take this with a grain of salt since neither Insomniac nor Marvel has confirmed this.

With a new costume and Mister Negative as the game’s main villain, fans are hoping this will be one of the more unique takes on Spider-Man. The inclusion of Miles Morales and a playable Mary Jane Watson add some intrigue to the title, along with the stunning graphics and fun-looking web-swinging.

Should the retailer be right, we could be seeing Spider-Man PS4 on September 28. If this is just a placeholder, fans shouldn’t be surprised if the game comes out earlier or later. The game will be exclusive to Sony’s PS4 console.

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