Spider-Man PS4: Insomniac Had The Choice To Work on Any Marvel Hero

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - March 13, 2018

Marvel’s Spider-Man, or Spider-Man PS4 as fans currently call it, is still one of the most exciting exclusives coming to Sony’s console. Despite only having a vague 2018 release date, fans are excited to play a Spider-Man game that has the polish and time needed for a triple-A experience worthy of the hero’s name.

Considering how Spider-Man is easily one of the biggest Marvel franchises out there, fans have wondered how Insomniac was able to get the license to make a game based on the character. Granted, Insomniac Games has a pretty solid track record when it comes to video games but there’s a bit more to it than that.

In the Reset Era forums, an Insomniac developer revealed that Sony came to them about working on a Marvel property. Apparently, Insomniac was given free reign to work on any Marvel hero that the developers wanted and they chose Spidey.

Being able to choose a Marvel hero to work on must have been great and seeing them choose Spider-Man makes sense. While fans would love to see fully-realized games based on Thor or Captain America, Spider-Man has had the greatest success in the realm of video games and Insomniac should be able to fix the flaws that prevented recent titles from being great.

Spider-Man PS4 is coming to Sony’s console sometime in 2018.

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