Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Video Reveals Another New Costume For Spidey

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October 12, 2018  12:15 PM


Spider-Man: Far From Home is coming out next July and fans are pretty hyped for it, though not as hyped as they are for Avengers 4. The first Homecoming proved that Marvel Studios knew how to revamp Spider-Man, while still keeping him a relatable hero. Sure, his Stark suit is a little too overpowered but he didn’t need it to defeat The Vulture in the end so everything’s good.

In previous reports, we’ve confirmed a new stealth suit for the wallcrawler, which got a lot of fans excited. Turns out that we’re getting another new costume and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be used for stealth. While we haven’t seen what it’s front looks like, we can confirm that this costume has a new spider emblem (in the back anyway) and has replaced all of the blue parts with black.


Actress Zendaya is also shown here, being saved by Spidey via a web swing. It’s not a particularly romantic moment for the two but it is nice seeing her return. She was a genuine highlight during Homecoming so here is hoping Zendaya gets a bigger role.

The closest thing we can compare this costume to is the Superior Spider-Man outfit that Doctor Octavius wore when he took over Peter Parker’s body. Since he’ll be returning to that role this December, it seems like less of a coincidence that this costume is being chosen.

Artist Mike McKone also darkened Spider-Man’s blue streaks during the three-issue Spider-Man: Fear Itself mini-series. The reason why McKone went for black instead of blue isn’t known but it did add to the comic’s dark nature.

Spider-Man: Far From Home comes to theaters on July 5, 2019.

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