Showtime Reveals First Cast Photo for Live-Action Halo Series

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November 08, 2019  03:15 PM



Microsoft might be on the losing side when it comes to this gaming generation but there’s no doubt that the company has made some notable IPs, with Halo being one of their biggest franchises. It’s not just video games either, as Halo has managed to garner a number of novels, comic books, straight to home release movies, and more. Showtime announced a Halo live-action series not too long ago and they have now released the first cast photo.

We can see the complete cast below, smiling for the camera as they prepare to start script reading soon. This shows that some significant progress for the series being made and it will be interesting to see if more information gets shared soon. Most of us are hoping to see the cast in their bulky space marine costumes but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

There was a time when Halo was the biggest gaming franchise on the planet. Though its popularity has dipped, it still has a lot of fans and is getting a new game for Xbox One and Project Scarlett called Halo Infinite, which had an astonishingly good trailer. No Joke, if the series can be half as good as that trailer, it’s going to be a quality show.

No release date for the live-action Showtime Halo series has been released, though it is expected to have a 10-episode first season.

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