Rocksteady Will Not Be in SDCC

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - July 12, 2018

While mostly known for comic book and movie announcements, SDCC is occasionally known for a few video game debuts as well. Granted, it’s mostly updated news and maybe a trailer or two but it’s still something gamers can look forward to. This is why people were hoping to see Rocksteady attend the event so that they can show off their new game, whether it’s Superman or a new Batman: Arkham title.

Unfortunately, SDCC is not the place where either of those games will be announced as Rocksteady’s Jamie Walker went on Twitter to clarify that they would not be appearing in this event. Walker said that the game they are making isn’t ready yet so this event will have to be skipped.


The news is understandable but disappointing for those that wanted to see what new game they are working on. Rumors have gone on and on about a new Superman title set in the Arkham universe but we have seen no proof of it thus far. It would be neat to see that but it doesn’t seem like the game is ready, if it is indeed being made.

Fans of Rocksteady can currently enjoy the company’s Batman: Arkham games on current-gen consoles with Arkham Knight and the Return to Arkham HD remasters, which are better-looking versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham: City.

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