Rock-Type Pokemon Geodude Becomes Japan's Tourism Ambassador (Seriously)

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
May 15, 2019  12:33 PM


If there’s one accurate thing you can say about Japan, it’s that they LOVE their anime and video games. May 9th was Goku Day for the country, celebrating the Dragon Ball protagonist who also happens to be the representative of the 2020 olympics since the event will be taking place in the land of the rising sun. Now, tourists will be greeted by Japan’s new tourism ambassador; the rock-type Pokemon Geodude!

No, really. We’re serious.

Thanks to the cute video below and Siliconera, we now know that Iwate Prefecture has teamed up with The Pokemon Company to make the floating rock with two arms a Japanese tourism ambassador. Apparently, this was done because Iwate’s kanji stands for “rock” and “hand,” which is basically Geodude in a nutshell.

And people say there are no lazy Kanto Pokemon.

Funnily enough, Geodude did not appear in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, though his evolved form Graveler did. Then again, he might have been one of the many Pokemon who was in the background, so it was definitely hard to see him. The Pokemon is mostly associated with Brock from the Pokemon anime, who used Geodude and Onix on a number of occasions.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is now showing in theaters.

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