Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Have Shorter Cut Scenes

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - November 13, 2017

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon look to be better than their vanilla versions in every way, having more content to play through and even more Pokemon to catch. Game Freak stated previously that the story’s script is twice as long as the original two games, giving fans a meaty campaign they can playthrough on their 3DS. However, there was a compromise made to make the game more playable and it was the cutscenes/dialogue, which have now been shortened.

A Reddit post from someone with an early copy of one of the games has confirmed that the dialogue for both titles has been shortened to a significant degree. While the intro still feels like a tutorial that outstays it’s welcome and lasts too long, the rest of either game moves at a faster pace, which fans will appreciate. This was done since some fans complained about the amount of time used on cutscenes during the last third of the game.

Though some of the cut scenes that were removed made sense, some fans will be disheartened to know that Lillie’s role in both games has been downplayed significantly. Lillie will no longer go to Exeggutor Island with the player and the scene where she lets the player catch Nebby is less cinematic. It’s really disappointing to hear about this since Lillie became a fan-favorite in the original versions of Sun and Moon.

Fans will be able to get Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on November 17. However, players may want to have copies of the original games if they prefer a good story.


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