Pokemon Twilight Wings Announced as Brand-New Animated YouTube Series

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December 13, 2019  04:23 PM



Despite initial criticism over the lack of a National Pokedex, Pokemon Sword and Shield have proven to be fairly popular installments of this beloved series. Though missing a couple of features from the 3DS games, the simpler and streamlined mechanics have made these games easier to enjoy. Well, it seems like The Pokemon Company wants to capitalize on the momentum with an animated series and we’re not talking about the current Pokemon Anime.

The Pokemon Company has announced a YouTube animated series called Pokemon: Twilight Wings, which will focus on the Galar region. Considering how the current anime has Ash and friends going all over the world, having a series solely focused on the Galar region is a pretty cool decision. There will be seven episodes in total, with each one lasting about five minutes.

Some promotional art was also released for Pokemon: Twilight Wings, though we aren’t sure why the series has this name. In fact, very little is known about this show, aside from the fact that it’s not related to the anime starring Ash Ketchum. Fans might be reminded of Pokemon Origins, which essentially recapped the older games from Red’s perspective and was also online only at the beginning.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings is currently slated for January 15, 2020. It will be available for viewing on the Pokemon YouTube channel.

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