Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Be The First Game to Exclude The Elite Four

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September 16, 2019  11:05 AM


Pokemon Sword and Shield are going to be series’ firsts for numerous reasons, from debuting on the Nintendo Switch to introducing Raid Battles in the mainline games. However, the games will also have another first as the official Pokemon website has confirmed that there will be no Elite Four in these two games. While the anime hasn’t really used an Elite Four in the various Pokemon League arcs, every mainline game before Sword and Shield has.

According to the game’s website, the Pokemon League Championship will be held in a televised battle event called The Champion’s Cup. The player has to take on other trainers who’ve beaten the eight gym leaders as well, making it more in line with the anime. It’s an interesting change and one that should please veterans since it’s a fresh approach that manages to focus on some Pokemon battles.

Sure, this isn’t the huge change many gamers want but it’s a welcome addition and makes the Galar region feel slightly different from the others. Though still not as unique as Sun and Moon’s Alola, which was building its Pokemon League for the very first time, we’re sure that the UK-based locations of Sword and Shield will eventually feel unique.

I’m pretty stoked for Pokemon Sword and Shield, even if it won’t have the National Pokedex. Yeah, the battle animations could be better, but the awesome open areas that have Pokemon roaming freely in the wild more than makes up for that. Plus, the Dynamx feature also looks interesting.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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