Pokemon Sword and Shield Gets Stunning Dynamax Trailer

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November 08, 2019  10:52 AM



While there is some controversy over the whole National Pokedex debacle, especially with the big leak that happened recently, most of us are still pretty excited for Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. Though fans are pretty miffed over some of their favorites not being in the game (R.I.P. Bulbasaur), there’s still plenty to like about the two games, including some of the new Pokemon and gameplay mechanics.

Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have recently released a new trailer that does its best to showcase the Dynamax mechanic. This is where players turn their Pokemon into titans, to gain an advantage or to have a fighting chance during the highly-anticipated raid battles. We get to see some of these in the Sword and Shield Dynamax trailer above and it’s pretty impressive.

The CGI is pretty good, though not quite as impressive now that we have seen Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, and the actual gameplay looks pretty challenging. There’s also a good chance that Pokemon that weren’t included could always be added as mystery gifts or even DLC raid battles, which would be pretty sick. Who wouldn’t want to fight a giant Bulbasaur?

Even with all of the controversy surrounding the titles, it’s safe to say that Pokemon Sword and Shield are going to be quality RPGs for the Nintendo Switch. We would like to see better visuals and more Pokemon in the next mainline installment but for now, this should be a solid foundation to build on.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are coming to Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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