Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Theater Accidentally Plays Horror Film, Scares Children Silly

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
May 14, 2019  11:15 AM


Pokemon: Detective Pikachu might have Ryan Reynolds in the lead role but it’s clear that this is a family film, meant to be seen by kids and their parents, along with a few nostalgic adults. So, it is pretty odd how a theater could mistake a horror movie for a film that stars adorable Pokemon like Bulbasaur and Jigglypuff but that happened. According to people who attended this dreadful accident, the theater played The Curse of La Llorona instead of the new Pokemon film.


It started with screenings of the trailers for Anabelle Comes Home, Joker, and Chucky. While the Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix doesn't look "scary," it's not exactly an ideal movie for kids. Then there were the Anabelle and Chucky trailers, which are definitely horror films and are something that kids do NOT want to see. And so some of the kids went crying.

Soon enough, The Curse of La Llorona started playing and everyone was freaking out, though no one can blame them. I mean, they wanted to see a cute Pokemon movie, not a horror film about ghosts who attack children.

Thankfully, the staff was soon made aware of what was happening and they sent everyone to a different cinema showing Detective Pikachu. We can only imagine how angry some of the parents and children were but accidents happen. One theater accidentally showed Insidious 3 instead of Inside Out.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu should still be showing in theaters. Here is hoping that more capable management is in charge of the film viewing.

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