Plus Ultra! My Hero Academia Season 5 has Officially Been Confirmed and The League of Villains Will Be a Major Focus

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April 07, 2020  01:26 PM



To the surprise of nobody, My Hero Academia Season 5 has officially been announced and fans are pretty hyped about it. While the fourth season has received some mixed reviews, it still had some really great moments that made fans happy to check it out, including an awesome fight between Deku and Overhaul, along with Endeavor and Hawks’ recent struggle with a new Nomu form. 

Fans of the manga are going nuts right now because they’ve stated that the next arc that will be adapted is one of the series’ best, which is saying a lot. Apparently, it’s going to be called My Villain Academia and will do a lot to characterize The League of Villains, which is great news for those that enjoy these characters.


Now that there won’t be a movie to take time away from the animators, we’re sure Studio Bones will do their best to make this season look amazing. At the least, they will spend a lot of money on those juicy fight scenes. While My Hero Academia Season 4 wasn’t ugly, it was lacking in the same quality that seasons 2 and 3 really benefited from so here’s hoping My Hero Academia Season 5 is gorgeous.

As of this writing, no release date for My Hero Academia Season 5 has been announced but it will probably come out next year and have 25 or so episodes. If you need more My Hero action, check out My Hero One’s Justice 2 on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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