POW! Entertainment Gains Back Control of Stan Lee's Twitter, Promises Full Transparency

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - July 12, 2018

This year hasn’t been a good one to Stan Lee. The Marvel icon was sick for a long time, reportedly faced elder abuse from people taking care of him, and broke off contact with people he once cared about. As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, he also sued POW! Entertainment for a number of reasons that the company denied.

Now that Lee has dropped the case against them, POW! Entertainment released an official statement on the comic creator’s website. These people revealed that they will be handling Stan Lee’s Twitter again after it was supposedly hacked and that they would only tweet out messages if Stan gives them the signal to do so.

"We also take very seriously our responsibility as guardians of the Stan Lee brand and legacy. One major hallmark of this legacy is the open, honest and direct relationship Stan has always had with his fans. To help Stan continue the tradition started with Stan’s Soapbox, POW!’s social media team created and has for years solely managed therealstanlee Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, as well as the Facebook page realstanlee, with Stan’s participation and approval."

"But, recently access and management of the Twitter account was temporarily out of our (and Stan’s) control. That situation has now been rectified. Stan Lee’s social media accounts are once again being exclusively managed by POW! with Stan’s participation."

Considering everything he’s faced, it’s nice to see Stan’s life return to some form of normalcy. Someone at his age should not be abused or used, let alone stolen from, which was already pretty sad when it happened. At his age, we can only hope that Lee finally gets to enjoy his life as he sees fit and with people who love him.

Lee is the co-creator of several Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, She-Hulk, and so much more. He has blessed many fans with these heroes so he deserves a break from all this drama.

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