Online Features for Pokemon Sun and Moon Will be Removed Next Year

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November 26, 2019  04:06 PM



Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out for less than a month and though there was some controversy surrounding these games, fans have seemingly embraced both titles, warts and all. As Game Freak and Nintendo prepare more online events for these two games, it seems like the online features for older titles have to go as the Global Link Service for Pokemon Sun and Moon, as well as Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, will be out of service on February 24, 2020.

The Pokemon Company announced that the service would end recently, claiming that fans with a 3DS can still battle and trade but can no longer host online competitions or have ranked fights. While most fans expected this, the fact that these games are less than five years old is still pretty depressing.

While considered by many to be oddball titles, the Sun and Moon line of Pokemon games were some of the best RPGs available on the 3DS. Rather than give us the usual gym battles, which are still a thing in Sword and Shield, they gave players more interesting challenges that led to some epic battles against Totem Pokemon.

It really is a shame that the Global Link Service for these games is going to end but we all did expect this. Online features for Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire ended before these games came out so it’s the nature of the beast. Expect something similar for the post-Sword and Shield games.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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