Nightwing and Lego Batman Director Reportedly Helming Jonny Quest Movie

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
November 09, 2018  01:45 PM

It looks like Chris McKay is on a quest to bring back a classic Hanna Barbera character into the big screen. He’s already done a bang-up job with The Lego Batman Movie, which wasn’t as liked as The Lego Movie but still had a ton of positive reviews. Now, if these reports are correct, it looks like he will be bringing the long-rumored Jonny Quest movie to the big screen.

According to The Wrap, McKay had been tapped to work on the film as its director, which should be interesting. Only time will tell if this is the final time we will be hearing about director news for Jonny Quest, you know until a sequel or two comes along. Considering how busy McKay is with the Nightwing movie, it’s interesting to hear that he’s accepted this assignment.

Like the animated series in the 60’s (and the slightly more mature version in the 90’s) the movie will follow Jonny, as he goes on a number of globe-spanning adventures with Dr. Benton Quest, their bodyguard, Race Bannon, and his adopted brother, Hadji. If done right, this could be a fun adventure movie for the whole family.

McKay is a pretty busy guy, not only working on the Nightwing movie for DC and Warner Bros. but he is also planning a Dungeons and Dragons film. It seems like he’s working on all of the geeky movies that aren’t attached to a Marvel property, which is still pretty sweet.

No release date for the Jonny Quest movie has been revealed.

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