New Overwatch Character Baptiste Will Be Playable Next Week

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March 14, 2019  12:06 PM


Apex Legends might be the big multiplayer game these days but fans still love themselves some Overwatch. Obviously, it’s not a Battle Royale game, so fans who never got into that probably stayed with the first-person-shooter and Blizzard has given them a reason to, thanks to numerous updates, patches, and free characters. The latest one, Baptiste, has been teased for some time now and fans will be happy to know that he’s coming out next week.

Blizzard confirmed that the new combat medic will be coming to all platforms on March 19, which is only 5 days away. The fact that fans don’t have to pay for these characters will always be a blessing from Blizzard and ensures that this game will receive support for many years to come.

Now if only it had a single-player mode…

As of this writing, Baptiste is the 30th character in the game and won’t be the last one either since the short that introduced Ashe also confirmed another healer coming to the shooter. His primary weapon is the Biotic Launcher, which is a burst-fire rifle that fires three rounds at a time. His secondary fire heals allies. He also jumps extra high thanks to his powerful Exo Boots.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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