New Captain Marvel Series Has Carol Herding Multiple Flerken

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May 23, 2019  01:27 PM


Fans have pretty mixed thoughts about Captain Marvel but one character most people unanimously like from the film is adorable cat-looking Flerken Goose. While fans hate how the alien is responsible for taking our Nick Fury’s eye with a mere scratch, the scenes Goose were in made people laugh and gush, which was enough for some.

To capitalize on the character’s popularity, Marvel and IDW (via io9) have announced Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, an all-ages mini-series where Carol has to herd multiple Flerken and make sure they don’t overrun Manhattan’s bodega cats. She will have help from a good friend and fellow superhero Jessica Drew, who most fans know as Spider-Woman, despite the fact that she doesn’t have any of Peter Parker’s powers.

Interestingly enough, this is the first Marvel Action mini-series from IDW. The publisher currently releases three Marvel ongoing titles for all-ages; Marvel Action: Spider-Man, Marvel Action: Black Panther, and Marvel Action: Avengers. Carol appears in Avengers, teaming up with her fellow heroes Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and more. Still, it’s pretty cool seeing the hero marketed towards younger readers.

Carol does have a pet Flerken in the mainline comics but its name is Chewie, based on Chewbacca from Star Wars. It will be interesting to see if a Flerken does make its way to Carol’s household in this universe and if it will be called Goose.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 comes out this August. It will be written by Sam Maggs with art from Sweeney Boo and Britney Peer.

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