New Batman Writer Reveals Alfred's Replacement, Teases Bruce Wayne Dropping the Mantle

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December 02, 2019  04:22 PM



Tom King will be leaving Batman once its 85th issue comes out, with Detective Comics veteran James Tynion IV picking up from where King will be leaving off. We know that the gist of his run will have Batman picking up the pieces from City of Bane, trying to rebuild Gotham, and try to live life without his father figure Alfred Pennyworth. This is why Tynion’s Batman #86 has a lot of people excited, though his run properly starts with an eight-page prologue in Batman #85.

However, on his recent blog post, Tynion released an intriguing plot summary for some of his issues thus far, revealing more details that most of us didn’t know. Some of these were rumored for some time but most of it hasn’t been known to the fans until now. If you want to save yourself from spoilers, stop reading now.

Still here? Okay. Lucius Fox will be taking over Alfred’s role as Bruce tries to fix the remains of Gotham and what’s left of it. His son Luke Fox, the former Batwing, has concerns about his father taking care of Bruce, especially after what happened to Alfred. However, Lucius feels that Luke should take on the mantle since Gotham needs Batman and Bruce just can’t handle it right now.

Damn Tynion, that is crazy intriguing.

Batman taking a break from crime-fighting is far from a new concept but considering everything that has happened in Tom King’s run, we think he deserves a break. How will Luke do as Batman? Will they stretch this out to Batman #100? We’ll have to wait and see.

Tynion’s run starts with Batman #86, which comes out on January 8. Batman #85 will be out later this month, on December 18.

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