New Alita: Battle Angel Stills Show Off The Movie's Bad Guys

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November 27, 2018  10:49 AM


Alita: Battle Angel is yet another live-action adaptation of a popular anime/manga property that has many fans worried since there are still no good anime adaptations from Hollywood. Some fans are trying to be optimistic about this movie since it actually has some talented folk making it, with Sin City director Robert Rodriguez helming it and James Cameron producing.

Empire Online (and ComicBookMovie) has managed to get a few new stills from the upcoming film, showing us more of the film’s villains in the process. It seems like Alita has a lot of cyborgs to go through and it will, hopefully, lead to some good action. The trailers have had a decent amount of action but it’s still too early to deem this project “good.” If it’s average, it will have overachieved.

(20th Century Fox/Empire Online)

(20th Century Fox/Empire Online)

(20th Century Fox/Empire Online/ComicBookMovie)

(20th Century Fox/Empire Online/ComicBookMovie)

To be fair, these photos show some fairly impressive CGI, though it does look a bit off when there are more, ermm, realistic characters. The final product will probably look better than what these photos offer but they are looking slightly better than expected.

Honestly, we want this movie to do well but considering how Hollywood couldn’t even get Ghost in the Shell right, it’s hard to be excited about this film. Still, having Robert Rodriguez in the director’s seat and James Cameron producing has boosted the morale of many anime faithful. Let’s just hope that the effort put into this movie is maximum.

Alita: Battle Angel comes out on February 2019.

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