Netflix's Umbrella Academy Has Begun Filming

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - January 16, 2018

It’s official, Netflix’s upcoming Umbrella Academy show, based on the comic series by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Ba, has finally begun filming. Starring Ellen Page, many fans are looking forward to the show thanks to the number of high quality shows that the streaming service has, along with the excellence of the actual comic series.

Gabriel Ba, the aforementioned artist of the comic series, shared a Tweet with him and fellow Umbrella Academy collaborator Gerard Way on the show’s set. While it doesn’t have any big easter eggs, fans are probably happy knowing that episodes of the show are finally being made.


Seeing the two artists on the set of a show based on a comic they created is nice to see. Gerard Way is an executive producer on the show, so it’s no surprise seeing him here. Hopefully, the show is just as imaginative and interesting as the comic it’s based on.

Umbrella Academy is slated for release sometime this year. Hopefully, a trailer and new images of the show are on the way.

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