Netflix's The Witcher Has Officially Started Casting

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - June 27, 2018

Netflix’s The Witcher has to be the most anticipated video game adaptation announced, thanks to the reputation the series has with gamers. It also helps that Netflix has a number of acclaimed original shows, so it seems like the license is in good hands. As we wait for more news, fans will be happy to know what casting for the show has officially begun.

Lauren S. Hissrich, one of the show’s writers, has revealed that casting for the series has begun and that there will likely be leaks in the future since this is the internet age after all. Hissrich has told fans that they will be coming up with new scenes for the actors who audition for the role, which will not spoil the series in any way.


The writer has been very generous sharing information about The Witcher, so hearing about casting news from her is great. Her online presence has been great and it seems like she really cares about Geralt’s portrayal in live-action, if this lengthy Twitter expose is anything to go by. At the least, she’s preparing for all of the inevitable fallout from leaked pictures/scenes.

While the first two games in the series were loved by most, it wasn’t until The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out that it became a bit more mainstream. Featuring one of the best open-worlds in gaming history, it truly made the PS4 and Xbox One feel next-gen.

Netflix’s The Witcher will likely debut in 2020.

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