Neil Gaiman on Why His Writing Credit for Princess Mononoke Was Removed From Posters

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August 13, 2019  01:54 PM


The English dub of Princess Mononoke is often considered to be one of the better anime translations out there, mostly due to the fact that Studio Ghibli is a big deal and people want their movies to be of high quality. Turns out that one of the reasons why the script was so well-received is because Neil Gaiman wrote it.

Yeah, Neil - Sandman, American Gods, Good Omens, Marvel 1602 - Gaiman is responsible for the film’s English script. If that sounds like a shocking fact to you, that’s fine because Gaiman has a solid reason for most people not knowing this little factoid; his name was removed from the posters when the Ghibli film was set to hit theaters worldwide.

Speaking with a fan on Twitter, Gaiman explained that his name was removed from the poster because executives from Miramax did not want to remove their names. Apparently, Studio Ghibli asked that some of the execs names be removed but when they saw that Gaiman was expendable when it came to this venture, they wasted no time removing it.

At the least, Gaiman’s name can be seen in the end credits, which is something fans don’t always pay attention to. This is why the news is slowly becoming more well-known, especially now that Neil Gaiman is one of the more famous writers out there. Thankfully, the lack of credit didn’t ruin the man’s career since he is clearly doing well now.

Good Omens and American Gods can be streamed on Amazon Prime now, with new seasons likely coming. Princess Mononoke can be bought on Blu-Ray, DVD, and certain digital stores.

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