My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Finally Gets Its First Teaser Trailer

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
August 02, 2019  02:46 PM

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the second anime film of the franchise and we just got our first teaser trailer for it. While the details about its plot are pretty slim, it’s obvious that the story will revolve around Izuku Midoriya and his eternal rival Katsuki Bakugou. There’s a lot of hype behind this film, especially after how remarkably solid Two Heroes was.

We have a few clips from Season 3, which is disappointing, along with a couple of actual clips from the film. The animation for these parts appears to be an improvement over the first movie, which looked just like the show, for better or worse. This isn’t a shot at the show’s animation, which can look amazing at certain points but it didn’t look like a high-quality anime film.

Heroes Rising looks to be a solid film for the canon, especially since My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi said this movie is based on his original concepts for the series finale. Now that the series has exploded in popularity, Horikoshi altered his plans and it looks like he will keep making this franchise for a long time.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will debut on December 20 in Japan. The rest of the world doesn’t have a release date yet but expect one soon. My Hero Academia Season 4 will start showing this October.

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